We all have done yoga or have been said to do it. We also had a special period for yoga classes. Now a day called International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21stJune every year to aware people about yoga and its benefits. This arise a question in my mind why are we emphasizing so much on yoga.

To understand about it, let’s first discuss about yoga and its origin.

Yoga is an art of maintaining physical and mental well being with the help of various postures and aasanas. It was discovered by monks a long time ago. They also spread the knowledge of yoga to various parts of the world so that everyone could get the benefit by performing yoga.

It has treatment of so many diseases. It can help to get relief from pain, gas and constipation. Also it helps to lose weight and you can also increase your height by performing tadasana daily.


Various Yoga Poses:

·         Sukhasana – The Easy Pose:

If you are someone who has never done yoga, you can start with this pose. It is very simple and easy to do. It helps to relieve mental stress and tiredness. It helps in focusing and increase concentration power.

·         Vajrasana – The Diamond Posture:

This is the most basic pose we are said to do after eating as it helps with the digestion process. It enhances digestion. It is also helpful for diabetic patients.

·         Vrikshasana – The Tree Pose:

As the name suggests you have to stand strong and straight like a tree with your whole body weight on one leg. It increases the balancing ability and also strengthens the muscles, tendon and ligaments.

·         Bhujangasana – The Cobra Pose:

It is a good yoga pose to get relief from constipation and back pain. Furthermore, it adds flexibility to your body.

I believe that it was no needed to tell you all about the importance of yoga in our life. We all know the importance of yoga yet we don’t include it in our daily lifestyle. We are too lazy and are ready with excuses to escape. Some people say it’s boring, some say I don’t have time and some say I am fit, hence I need not perform yoga. You can make excuses if you like to spend money in visiting doctors, eating medicines. But if you want to live healthy, you must do yoga. “Make yoga a part of your life, to live a healthy life.”

Take care not to overstretch your body. Do only as much as you can because it will cause undesired pain in your body.