Health is wealth

The quote of ‘Health is Wealth’ holds even in today’s time and this is the running motto for the fitness enthusiasts who desire to attain the optimal limits of health and get the best body shape. Gone are the days when health was not given the priority, as it forms a significant criterion today for the recruitment of the new employees into the company and comes into the regular curriculum of schools, colleges, and industries. With this stark importance on this concept, this article speaks further upon two of the other most important aspects of health, namely therapeutic activities and treatments.

concept of health

The therapeutic activities

The therapeutic activities refer to the different methodologies adapted apart from the regular medications to ease up the symptoms appearing in the body and enhance the health of the body compromised during the disease. Some of the essential methodologies on the same include the following: –

  • Acupuncture, which is a traditional and still effective method of enhancing the blood flow at particular and critical points on the body. As per this, thin needles are used at specific points of the body to increase the flow in the same and prevent any form of obstruction or blockage caused in those by the disease. Some nations like Sweden have also approved it within the regular medical practices.
  • Massage, which stimulates the soft tissues of the body at physical and emotional levels and ensures that they are relieved of any residual stresses or blockages. This is an amalgamation of different techniques used by the treating masseur while kneading his or her hands and elbows on the softer regions. It can either be a preventive type or relaxation type to ease up the body stresses and channelize the energy accordingly.
  • Nasal cleansing, which is used to recover from different nasal disorders causing obstructions in the respiratory path. One of the best techniques for the same includes rinsing the nasal path by the salt solution of 0.9% concentration that removes the excessive dirt and mucus and opens up the different pores for the proper functioning of the breathing mechanism.
  • Reflexology that stimulates the different reflex points of the body, primarily located at the bottom of the feet and near ears. This process is used to expose certain areas to a pressure to offer the healing and therapeutic effect.