A lovely evening with your family is something that everyone wants. And why not? After a long day full of stress and a bust schedule, who wouldn’t want to have some time free of any problems? A great way to do is to light a fire in the fireplace and have a lovely evening together with the whole family. Fun games can be played, discussions can be done and whatnot. It is simply family time which can help you out in making the bond stronger with the members. But did you know that the quality of wood that you burn can affect you? Keep reading to know more about it.

Bad Effect on Health

The most common thing that happens is that the fine particles that get carried away along with the smoke can enter your eyes or nose resulting in causing various health problems like burning eyes, running nose or other illnesses like bronchitis. Other serious problems can include making asthma worse, stroke, heart attacks, etc. The smoke that appears from the wood-burning too is quite dangerous as it can choke you. The smoke by the cheap wood can affect everyone but especially children, old people and those with any lung problems.

bad for your health

 Particles lesser than the size 10 micrometers in diameter can cause serious health problems by entering deep into the lungs or getting in the blood. In case of a home gathering or just lighting the fire for any occasion, you must make sure that you don’t use softwood as it burns quite quick and also creates a lot of smoke which can cause some trouble for you and your chimney. This is why using cheap wood is bad for your health. Also while buying the wood, make sure that you don’t pick up anything poisonous by mistake as it can cause serious problems or may even turn out life-threatening for some people. Although softwood is mostly cheaper this price can cause great damage to you.

Why choose good quality wood?

When you go for a good quality of wood, you not only protect your health but also make sure that you cause lesser harm to the environment. The ideal quality wood for your fireplace is any hardwood. Hardwood usually burns better and creates a warm environment. Firewood, Oak, Maple, and Birch are the types that you should give a try. Oak is so far the best wood for a fireplace because it creates a fir that burns evenly and lasts longer than other types of wood. It another type a hotter environment than the others but it has to be seasoned well before providing great results. If you don’t have oak then Maple is the second best you can go for. It possesses properties like oak while burning but it is found in only limited areas.